The Fall of Ixut

Sixty years ago, the patropolis of Ixut was overrun by an army of Voidbringers, gremlins, and apostates. It has since been swallowed into the Reaches, and aside from a handful of refugees, no one has seen or heard from it. In recent months, the peristalses of Autochthion have caused your city to converge with it, and you will soon discover that Ixut has closed to within striking distance.

An army of the Void holds the resources of a Patropolis, and they are now close enough to attempt the same feat with another great city. How long can you hold out against such a force? Will you travel through the Reaches to Ixut and face the threat directly? And what if the very Patropolis himself has become an apostate of the Void?

The Lost City

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